Dating tatooed girls

We're seeing a star player making a stand, and we haven't always seen that in the league."A NEW TYPE OF PLAYERGriner offers a brand of athleticism never seen before in the WNBA.

In the Mercury's season-opening game against the Chicago Sky — Griner's first in the league — she threw down two power dunks in the most-viewed WNBA telecast on ESPN2 in nine years.

You know what you have to do, you can get to practice two hours before or walk in at the last second."NO.

Another is the double-linked female sign that represents Griner's sexuality.

The fact that Brittney embraces who she is can only help the game.

I think the WNBA has to embrace the celebrity at its fingertips.

Exes are hard enough to deal with in real life, and we may all have an old box full of pictures of our high school boyfriend or girlfriend somewhere in a closet.

But who wants a visual reminder you can never escape?

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